Drug Development

  • R&D – Research & Development

    • The R&D arm of the company is an innovation based model leveraging China and South Africa to foster clinical development – allows for testing in Asian, Caucasian and African subsets. 
    • Access to leading international academic institutions and its researchers and scientists i.e. OXFORD UNIVERSITY.
    • The company targets China disease areas with a high unmet medical need and affordibility challenge. 
    • Built a team with experience in GLOBAL and CHINA based clinical trials – critical to success is study design and placement of studies in leading Chinese and South African drug development sites.
    • The model is designed to target category 1 registration processes in China which will include pre-clinical and clinical processes engineered back into China. The company will also ensure API and finished goods are manufactured back into China. 
    • The Nuance model allows to maximize R&D investment by fully capturing the China commerical rights as well as leveraging global royaly agreements should Nuance funded data be used ex China and South Africa.
    • The company is guided by a leading group of researchers from CHINA and GLOBAL alike – currently a leading oncology advisory board is in place.
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