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  • Fibrin sealant (Human) FIBINGLURAAS

    Generic Name:
    : Fibrin Sealant (Human)
    :FIBINGLURAAS® is a topical hemostasis drug. It is used in the treatment of surface of burn, abdomen incision of general surgery, oozing of blood in live operation and blood vessel surgery.

    Methods of Application:

    1.Simultaneous application using Connected Mixing System 2. Sequential Application

    Clinical pharmacology:

    FIBINGLURAAS® consists of fibrinogen/FXIII and thrombin prepared from human plasma. Mixture of two components simulates the last phase of blood coagulation, activation of fibrinogen by thrombin and crosslinking of fibrin monomers to fibrin polymers leads to hemostasis before or after surgery and tissue glue.

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  • HONGKING drainage system

    Generic Name:
    : HONGKING drainage system
    :Useful for dropsy drainage in cavities after surgical operations.
    Hongking drainage products series to facilitate the perfect surgery, to achieve timely discharge of the patient's internal effusion. The equipment needed for clinical drainage operation is fully covered, including guide needle, drainage tube, negative pressure ball, drainage bag and other conventional consumables.

    Innovative introduction of new drainage tools such as "return" type drainage pipe and drainage fixing device of patented products to reduce the risk of drainage.

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    Generic Name:
    :bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension
    EXPAREL is a non-opioid option for achieving long-lasting pain control after surgery via infiltration into the surgical site or administration as an interscalene brachial plexus nerve block.

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    Generic Name:
    :1 Useful for postoperative rehabilitation, exhibits preferable effect on the kidney and strengthening the Yang. 2 Useful for lack of essence and blood,back pain caused asthenic disease, impotence, spermatorrhea, hematemesis caused the consumptive lung disease. 3 can build the blood, maintain beauty.

    Pharmaceutical ingredients:
    glutamicoxalacetic transaminase:43.0u/L
    creatin phosphokinase:197.9u/L,
    blood urea N:8.56mol/L

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    Generic Name:
    :1 Useful for Poxuetongjing, Zhuyuxiaozheng. 2 Useful for blood stasis, apoplectic hemiplegia, damage caused falling.
    Thrombolytic and anti-coagulation action:

    Hirudin is the most potent natural inhibitor of thrombin. Unlike antithrombin, hirudin binds to and inhibits only the activated thrombin, with a specific activity on fibrinogen.Therefore, hirudin prevents or dissolves the formation of clots and thrombi , and has therapeutic value in blood coagulation disorders, in the treatment of skin hematomas and of superficial varicose veins, either as an injectable or a topical application cream. In some aspects, hirudin has advantages over more commonly used anticoagulants and thrombolytics, such as heparin, as it does not interfere with the biological activity of other serum proteins, and can also act on complexed thrombin.

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  • Thymalfasin for Injection

    Generic Name:
    : thymalfasin, thymosin alpha 1
    :Thymalfasin is useful for the treatment of cancers (such as hepatocellular cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma), infections(sepsis, infections after bone marrow transplant, lung infections including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), SARS, hepatitis B or C, and HIV), and for improvement in elderly immunocompromised patients (for enhancement of response to vaccines, for example).

    Methods of Application:Subcutaneous injection. Prior to administration, the lyophilized powder is to be reconstituted with 1 ml of the provided diluent (sterile water for injection). After reconstitution, the final concentration of Tiluoting (thymalfasin) is 1.6 mg/ml.

    Clinical pharmacology:

    Tiluoting’s effects on TLR9 lead to stimulation of the NFkappaB and p38 MAPK pathways, increased expression of the thymopoetic cytokines IFNα, IL-7, and IL-15, and stimulated macrophage activation and activity. Tiluoting stimulates the activity of indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) in plasmacytoid DCs, hence dampening immune response to prevent a pro-inflammatory cytokine storm and possibly autoimmune phenomena.

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